Stationery Box - no.4



1 x Christmas Planner

1 x Canvas Pencil Case

1 x Gold Spoon

1 x Rabbit Headband

1 x Set of 30 sticker


Box with custom name of your choice


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Christmas Planner includes:

Soft cover binder with gold or rose gold wire

6 christmas dashboards

120 pages / 100gsm white paper

Canvas Pencil Case:

Product size: 19.7*9cm
Product Material: Canvas
Product Style : 4 models*

Rabbit Headband:

Colour - grey with pink

Material: cotton

Gold Spoon:

Stainless Steel Leaf Coffee Spoon

Set of tickers:

One set: 30 stickers*

Size: 18.5*9cm

Perfect stickers for bullet journal, decorative stationery, stickers scrapbooking, DIY, diary... 


*Pencil Case & Stickers - in the Custom Field/Box write the sticker and pencil case number you like the most to the sticker and pancyl caase you like less ( eg. STICKER - 4,2,1,3 / PENCYL CASE - 1,3,2,4 ) as we have limited amount of each design. You will receive your preferred product based on availability! 


The Stationery Box Set No.4  has a personalised box with personalised name of your choice.

Inside  is an assorted set of beautiful stationery that any paper and stationery lover will adore!


This beautiful personalised stationery set is the perfect gift for a friend or a special treat for yourself! Go on! You deserve it!


Stationery Box - no.4

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