Pin Board -Grey

Fabric Pin Board by Oh So Bello - Amazing Design and Perfect Decoration That You can use as a Vision board, picture board, photo board, message board.


The perfect addition that will give your interior a cozy character. The appearance of pin board makes it fit into any room in the home, office, beauty salon etc.. It will look perfect wherever you hang it on or place it.

Multifunctional: You can use it any way you like. It will be perfect as a home decor, wall decor, notice board, pin board, memo board, letter board, photo wall, memories and travel board, picture board for wall.

Handmade in Ireland : Our pin board is available in four colours: grey, deep pink, pastel lily, cappuccino.

Size 600mm x 400mm. 

Easy to intal : Mounts horizontally and vertically, includes easy-to-use . It purely consists of high quality and robust components, guaranteeing a long durable lifespan.

Pin Board -Grey