Custom for Paula
Material 100%  cotton 
Layout recipes + occasion calendar
Dimensions 20 x 25 cm
Wire-O Binding black



This Blank Recipe Book is perfect if you want to make your own recipe book. Perfect for storing

your prized collection of recipes from your kitchen. This is a place to safely store those cherished  recipes that have been passed down from family members and friends. With room to write over   100 recipes preparation time, cooking time and notes.This blank cookbook makes the ideal gift for passing on to loved ones who need to learn how to cook your family recipes.

A beautiful and unique  recipe book Oh So Tasty® now offers a fun solution for all your recipes 


Oh So Tasty book includes:

 - our signature binder (covered in beautiful fabric linen),

-  25 recipe for each section           

- 7 gold foil dividers ( special occasion, breakfast , soup, side, main course, dessert, misc )

- special occasion calendar

-  occasion menu pages 


It's the ultimate food management planner and the perfect place to keep track of family recipes. 

Custom for Paula